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Moon at Hirosawa from the series Famous Places of Kyoto

Japanese Color Woodblock Print 

Moon at Hirosawa

from the series Famous Places of Kyoto

by Nomura Yoshimitsu, originally 1930

Snow at Kinkaku Temple from the series New Selection of Noted Places of Kyoto

IHL Cat. #1081

About This Print

One of six prints in the series Famous Places about Kyoto by the artist Nomura Yoshimitsu (1870-1958). While not the original edition of this print, it was certainly created during the artist's lifetime and likely in the late 1930s, after the completion of the second seminal exhibition of modern Japanese prints in 1936 at the Toledo Museum of Art.

The original edition of the print (for an image of the original edition see Autumn Scenery at Takao from the series Famous Places of Kyoto, under the heading "The Original Six Prints...") was issued in a limited edition of two hundred prints, as was marked on the back of each print in the edition (see example of marking below), and carried the Sankōkai rectangular-shaped seal under the artist's name as opposed to the 佐藤版 Satō shō han square-shaped seal used on this collection's print, as shown below.

Satō shō han seal on the second edition of print
(this collection's print) 
Sankōkai seal on original
edition of print


貮百番限絶版 [Limited Edition of 200]
seal on verso on original editions in the series

Toledo Museum of Art, 1936 Exhibition of Modern Japanese Prints - Notes on the Original Edition

The original edition of this print was included in The Toledo Museum of Art's seminal 1936 exhibition Modern Japanese Prints: Wood-block Prints by Ten Artists, The Work of the Past Five Years. The notes on this print appearing in the catalog of the exhibition are reproduced below.

287 Moon at Hirasawa (Hirasawa no tsuki)

Two Japanese viewing themoon as it appears over the brow of the hill. 8 3/8” x 13 5/8” 

Signed at upper left, Yoshimitsu; red seal, Sankokai.  Right margin: the series, “Kyoraku Meisho” (Famous Places about Kyoto); the Japanese title; also the seal of the publisher, Sato of Kyoto.  Reverse side: a stamp, “Ni-hyaku Ban Kagiri Zeppan Dai Hachi-ju-ni Go” (No. 82 of a Limited Edition of 200). Undated, but published in 1931.  Printed by the artist; blocks cut by Maeda.  Blocks, 18; superimposed printings, 30, edition, 200.

The Series of Six Prints - Famous Places of Kyoto (Kyōraku meisho 京洛名所)

For images of the six prints in the series see Autumn Scenery at Takao from the series Famous Places of Kyoto.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 Title or Description
 Moon at Hirosawa  (Hirosawa no tuski 広沢之月)
 Series Famous Places of Kyoto (Kyōraku meisho 京洛名所)
 Artist Nomura Yoshimitsu (1870-1958)
芳光 Yoshimitsu with 
Sankōkai seal
 Publication Date originally 1930

Satō kō
(lower right margin)

Satō Shōtarō 佐藤 章太郎 (Marks: pub. ref. 456; no seals pictured) 
 Edition ca. late 1930s
 Carver Maeda Kentarō
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - minor soiling; light toning
 Genre shin hanga
 Format horizontal oban
 H x W Paper 
 9 9/16 x 15 1/8 in. (24.3 x 38.4 cm) 
 H x W Image
 8 3/8 x 13 5/8 in. (21.3 x 34.6 cm)
 Modern Japanese Prints, Dorothy Blair, The Toledo Art Museum 1997, cat. 287
 Collections This Print
  Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University AcNo. ArcUP2586; San Diego Museum of Art 2008.74; Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University 96.037.053