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Fan - Ka

Japanese Color Etching

Road (道)

by Ōuchi Makoto, c. 1978


IHL Cat. #2143

About This Print

Ōuchi appropriates two images, the Wind God, Fūjin, and what appears to be one of the characters in Tales of the Water Margin from undetermined ukiyo-e artists of the past. The character michi appears to the left of the cube and an unread character on the cube's top surface. 

In speaking about Ōuchi's appropriation of images from famous ukiyo-e artists, the Tolmans wrote in 1982: "Ōuchi uses them to evoke the past, but it is his originality that makes them contemporary. First of all, they are not photographs but are completely redrawn by the artist, as he sees them.  Secondly, he is not using a woodblock, but portrays them through the etching process in warm, soft colors - rusts, browns, gold - that give them an added poignancy."1

1 People Who Make Japanese Prints, A Personal Glimpse, Mary S. and Norman H. Tolman, Sobunsha, 1982, p. 116-117.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #2143
 Title or Description Road
 道 michi
 Ōuchi Makoto (1926-1989)
Ouchi M (in pencil)
 Seal of the Artist
 no seal
 Publication Date c. 1978 (print is undated; date given based upon similar dated prints)
 Edition 24/80
 Publisher self-published
 Carver engraving by the artist
 Printer self-printed
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - water stains edge; blue mark bottom left outside image
 Genre contemporary
 H x W Paper 17 1/2 x 22 in. (44.5 x 55.9 cm) 
 H x W Image
 10 1/2 x 12 1/8 in. (26.7 x 30.8 cm) area of etching plate
 Collections This Print 
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