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 Japanese Color Woodblock Print


by Rei Yuki, 1965

End of Summer
IHL Cat. #613 (artist's proof)

IHL Cat. #1267 (2 of 50)

About This Print

As with many of Rei's prints, the artist has presented us with a landscape "set in ambiguous space", to use Helen Merritt's words.1  Dark indigo vertical lines which may portray a heavy rain are interspersed with subtle light indigo and yellow-green broken lines to provide depth to the image.  Along with the celestial shapes, Rei gives us a Mt. Fuji-like image on the right and, perhaps, a cityscape along the left part of the dark indigo vertical bar that scoops under Fuji on the right.

This collection owns both an artist proof and editioned impression of this print.

1 Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975, Helen Merritt, University of Hawaii Press, 1992, p. 179

IHL Cat. #613 verso

IHL Cat. #1267 verso

IHL Cat. #1267 verso label

Print Details
 IHL Catalog #613, #1267
 Title Spleen (鬱念 Utsunen)
 Rei Yuki (1928-2003)
 pencil signed Rei Yuki by artist in English
 Seal none
 Publication Date 1965
 Edition #613: "Epr. d'Artiste" (Épreuves d'Artiste - artist's proof) written in pencil in bottom margin. Published in a numbered edition of 50.
 #1267: 2/50
 Publisher  self-published
 Impression #613: excellent; #1267: excellent
 Colors # 613: excellent; #1267: excellent
 Condition # 613: excellent: #1267: good - light toning throughout
 Genre sosaku-hanga (creative print)
 H x W Paper #613: 12 3/8 x 23 1/2 in. (31.4 x 59.7 cm)
 #1267: 12 1/4 x 23 5/16 in. (31.1 x 59.2 cm)
 H x W Image #613: 10 5/8 x 22 in. (27 x 55.9 cm)
 #1267: 10 5/8 x 22 in. (27 x 55.9 cm)
 Collections This Print Los Angeles County Museum of Art M.86.147.199; Carnegie Museum of Art 89.28.1145 (3 of 50); Harvard Art Museum 1978.468
 Reference Literature Modern Japanese Prints: The Twentieth Century, Amanda T. Zehnder, Carnegie Museum of Art, 2009, p. 193; Rei Yuki Complete Print Works Catalogue Raisonné [Yuki Rei zen hangashū], Rei Yuki, Reifū Shobō [玲風書房], 2005, p. 20, #51.