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Musician Greenwich Village

Japanese Color Woodblock Print 

Musician Greenwich Village

by Takahashi Rikio, 1964

 IHL Cat. #238 IHL Cat. #2240

About This Print.

It is always fascinating to look at an artist's proof print (IHL Cat. #2240) and the final edition of the print (IHL Cat. #238). While the editioned version is of very poor quality with severe toning and horizontal and vertical "burn" marks on the paper, we can see that the biggest change from the artist proof to the editioned print was the addition of the orange markings in the lower right of the print. 

Created the year following Takahashi's 1963 visit to the United States, this print captures the feel of the Greenwich Village jazz scene in the early 60s.  One of my favorite prints by the artist, only ten impressions were made.  Even in this print's fragile and poor condition, I am pleased that it has found a home in my collection and it is now supplemented to an artist proof print.

Two Artist Proof Prints and the Editioned Print

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Catalogue Raisonné Entry

#152 - Catalogue Raisonné
[note: artist proof as pictured]
(Rikio Takahashi, The Woodblock Prints,
published by Abe Publishing LTD., 1998)

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #238 and #2240
 Title IHL Cat. #238: Musician “Greenwich village”  
 IHL Cat. #2240 Musician (Greenwich village)
 Series n/a
 Takahashi Rikio (1917-1998)
 Pencil signed by artist - Rikio Takahashi in English
 Seal none
 Date 1964
 Edition IHL Cat. #238: 4 of 10; IHL Cat. #2240 Artist Proof
 Publisher  self-published
 Impression IHL Cat. #238: excellent; IHL Cat. #2240: excellent
 Colors IHL Cat. #238: good; IHL Cat. #2240: excellent
 Condition IHL Cat. #238: poor– overall toning; paper brittle, one vertical and one horizontal stripe of paper burn (discoloration); multiple margin tears; short lengths of repairtape to margins verso
 IHL Cat. #2240: good - handling creases; minor soiling
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative print)
 H x W Paper IHL Cat. #238: 37 3/4 x 26 1/8 in. (95.9 x 66.4 cm)
 IHL Cat. #2240: 35 5/8 x 24 1/2 in. (90.5 x 62.2 cm)
 H x W Image IHL Cat. #238: 32 1/2 x 20 5/8 in. (82.6 x 52.4 cm) 
 IHL Cat. #2240: 32 x 20 9/16 in. (81.3 x 52.2 cm)
 Collections This Print
 The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (P00527); San Francisco Fine Arts Museums (1965.68.130)
 Reference Literature Catalogue Raisonné: Rikio Takahashi, The Woodblock Printspublished by Abe Publishing LTD., 1998, p. 133 number 152, color pl. p. 51.
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