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NIWA (Sunshine)

Japanese Color Woodblock Print 

NIWA (Sunshine)

by Takahashi Rikio, 1978

IHL Cat. #281

About This Print

Japanese gardens are a primary source of material for Takahashi.  The word NIWA (庭), Japanese for garden, made its first appearance in Takahashi's 1977 print titled NIWA R (Garden R) and subsequently appeared in at least 97 print titles, the last being two prints published in 1993, each titled, simply, NIWA.  Also see NIWA (80-K)NIWA (Movement) B2, NIWA (April) and NIWA (Winter Scenery) in this collection.

Catalogue Raisonné Entry

#350 - Catalogue Raisonné
(Rikio Takahashi, The Woodblock Prints, published by Abe Publishing LTD., 1998)

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #281
 Title NIWA (Sunshine) 庭 (降り注ぐ光)
 Series NIWA
 Takahashi Rikio (1917-1998)
 Pencil signed by artist - Rikio Takahashi in English
 Seal none
 Date 1978
 Edition 29 of 50
 Publisher  self-published
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good– paper damage (approx. 2” x 3” abrasion upper left above image and 2”– 3” gouge in paper center left of image);  long horizontal crease justbelow image and above signature; paper tape top corners verso.
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative print)
 MiscellaneousNiwa translates literally into Garden.
 H x W Paper 24 1/2 x 18 5/8 in. (62.2 x 47.3 cm)
 H x W Image
 Collections This Print
 Reference Literature Catalogue Raisonné: Rikio Takahashi, The Woodblock Printspublished by Abe Publishing LTD., 1998, p. 158 number 350.