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Spring Garden

Japanese Color Woodblock Print 

Spring Garden

by Takahashi Rikio, 1974

IHL Cat. #225

About This Print

This print appears to be a different state from the impression pictured in the artist's catalog raisonné, as shown below.  I don't know if the image is intentionally skewed in the print in this collection or how much toning or discoloration due to previous matting plays into this prints appearance.

Catalogue Raisonné Entry and Reference Images

#302 - Catalogue Raisonné
(Rikio Takahashi, T
he Woodblock Prints,
published by Abe Publishing LTD., 1998)
 Color image from Catalogue Raisonné

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #225
 Title Spring Garden  春の庭
 Catalogue Raisonné Number 302
 Takahashi Rikio (1917-1998)
 Pencil signed by artist - Rikio Takahashi in English and in Japanese
 Seal none
 Date 1974
 Edition 33 of 50
 Impression excellent
 Colors good - some toning
 Condition fair- foxing spots; handling creases lower bottom; paper thinning lowerright margin; black speckles (possibly mold) right and left margins andverso; appears to be printed on a skew
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative print)
 Note significant differences in color between my print and color photo in Catalogue Raisonné.
 H x W Paper18 3/4 x 18 in. (47.6 x 45.7 cm)
 H x W Image17 1/2 x 17 1/4 in. (44.5 x 43.8 cm)
 Collections This PrintHonolulu Museum of Art 16914
 Reference LiteratureCatalogue Raisonné: Rikio Takahashi, The Woodblock Printspublished by Abe Publishing LTD., 1998, p. 152 number 302, color pl. p66.
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