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Sakamoto Hanjirō (1882-1969)

 Japanese Color Woodblock Print


by Sakamoto Hanjirō, 1983

Sakamoto Hanjirō (1882-1969)

IHL Cat. #1704

About This Print

This print of a horse in a barn, simply titled Horse, was one of a set of two woodblock reproductions of paintings by the artist issued by Okamoto Studio in 1983.  The other print, titled Moon, which is not part of this collection, is shown below.  I am not familiar with either the publisher  岡本工房 [Okamoto studio] or the  organization listed as supervising the production, the 坂本繁二郎研究所 [Sakamoto Hanjirō Institute].

Moon, 1983

Hanjirō began painting horses at about the time he moved to the city of Yame in 1931. "He would head out to Aso, Unzen, and other parts of Kyushu in search of a horse that appealed to him, sketch it, and then work on the painting back in his studio in Yame. He was enthralled by the forms of horses, bathed in the sunlight, dappled with so many colors."1

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 Transcription and Translation of Colophon

坂本繁二郎  復刻木版画集 (Fukkoku mokuhan gashū)
[Woodblock reproduction collection]

["Moon" "Horse"]

限定 280部
[limit 280 copies]
[each work has the art studio seal and is numbered]

昭和年7月20日 発刊
[Published July 20, 1983]

用紙            生漉奉書 [type of paper Kizuki 

            面 45x37.5cm [Dimensions image area - Moon]
                        54.5x46cm [Dimensions image area - Horse]

技法            「月 木版39色摺 ["Moon" woodblock 39 color printings]                     「馬 木版35色摺 ["Horse" woodblock 35 color printings]

摺帥             小池清次 [printer Koji Kiyoji?]

製本             下島大完堂 [bookmaking Shimojima Daikandō]

発行              岡本工房 [publisher Okamoto studio]

製作監修        坂本繁二郎研究所 [under the supervision of the Sakamoto                     Hanjirō institute]

*an unbleached, natural-colored paper made from kōzo, a plant related to mulberry. Kizuki hōsho is very strong and flexible, and has a somewhat rough and porous texture; it is the same type of paper used by printmakers of the Edo period. 

Print Details
 IHL Catalog #1704
 Title Horse  (Uma 馬)
 Sakamoto Hanjirō (1882-1969)
unread seal of the publisher
 Publication Date
 1983 (after an original painting of an unknown date)
 Edition first 165/280
 岡本工房 [Okamoto studio]
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition excellent
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative print); moku hanga
 Format dai ōban
 H x W Paper 18 1/8 x 21 5/8 in. (46 x 54.9 cm)
 H x W Image 14 1/4 x 17 5/8 in. (36.2 x 44.8 cm)
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