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Horses in Pasture from the series Three Horse Pieces

Sakamoto Hanjirō (1882-1969)

 Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Horses in Pasture

from the series Three Horse Pieces

by Sakamoto Hanjirō, 1966

Sakamoto Hanjirō (1882-1969)

IHL Cat. #969

IHL Cat. #1205

About This Print

These untitled prints by Sakamoto Hanjirō, picturing horses grazing in a pasture, are from the three print series known as Three Horse Pieces (Uma sandai), published by Mikumo Mokuhansha, first in 1951 in a limited edition of 300, 100 of which were signed by Sakamoto, and then again as single sheet prints in editions of 300 and 700.1  This collection's print IHL Cat. 969 is 105 in the edition of 300, published in 1966 three years before the artist's death.  Print IHL Cat. #1205 is likely from a later edition, using the same blocks.  This later edition uses a mica infused paper not used in the earlier edition.

While the artist's painting color palette has been described as "austere," his prints generally use a lighter, pastel-like color palette, as can be seen in both this print and another print from the series pictured below.

1 Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975, Helen Merritt, University of Hawaii Press, 1992, p. 130, 258-259.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #969; #1205
 Title Horses in Pasture (Uma sandai 馬三代)
 Series Three Horse Pieces
 Sakamoto Hanjirō (1882-1969)
Sakamoto lさかもと
 Publication Date
 originally 1951 - #969 1966; #1205 after 1966
 Mikumo Ishihara Co. 美雲
 Impression #969 excellent; #1205 excellent
 Colors #969 excellent; #1205 excellent
 Condition #969 good - minor toning; mat line; mounting remnants along top edge verso; wrinkling
 #1205 excellent; light toning
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative print); moku hanga
#969 - an unread faint notation in the bottom of the right margin, the bottom three characters likely reading 美雲板 [Mikumo hanga]
 Format oban
 H x W Paper #969 - 10 x 13 3/8 in. (25.4 x 34 cm)
 #1205 - 9 15/16 x 13 11/16 in. (25.2 x 34.8 cm)
 H x W Image #969 - 8 3/4 x 12 1/4 in. (22.2 x 31.1 cm)
 #1205 - 8 3/4 x 12 1/4 in. (22.2 x 31.1 cm)
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