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Mount Fuji from Lake Ashinoko at Hakone


Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Mount Fuji from Lake Ashinoko at Hakone

 by Kasamatsu Shirō, originally 1935

Rainy Night at Shinobazu Pond

IHL Cat. #1318

About This Print

This is a later, although lifetime, edition of Kasamatsu's 1935 print of Lake Ashinoko at Hakone with Mt. Fuji in the background.  Eighteen years after the original edition, in 1953, the artist created the same view in landscape format for the publisher Unsōdō.

Lake Ashinoko

Lake Ashinoko (芦ノ湖, Ashinoko) was formed in the caldera of Mount Hakone after the volcano's last eruption 3000 years ago. Today, the lake with Mount Fuji in the background is the symbol of Hakone. The lake's shores are mostly undeveloped except for small towns in the east and north and a couple of lakeside resort hotels.  The best views of the lake in combination with Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from Moto-Hakone (a few steps south from the sightseeing boat pier), from the Hakone Detached Palace Garden and from the sightseeing boats cruising the lake.

Mount Fuji, Hakone Shrine and the lake viewed from Moto-Hakone

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1318
 Title Mount Fuji from Lake Ashinoko at Hakone
(Hakone Ashinoko no Fuji 箱根芦之湖の冨士)
 Kasamatsu Shirō (1898–1991)
Shirō 紫浪
Shirō seal
originally published 1935, May (昭和十年五月) as printed in the left margin.
This print is from a later edition, as discussed below.
 EditionLater c. 1946-1957 edition with 6mm Watanabe seal in lower right hand corner of image 
 PublisherWatanabe Shōzaburō
seal reading ワタナベ Watanabe 
[Marks: seal 08-034; pub. ref. 576]
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - slight overall toning; eight remnants of cellophane tape verso, several visible from front
 Genre shin hanga (new prints)
 Format ōban tate-e
 H x W Paper 15 9/16 x 10 1/2 in. (39.5 x 26.7 cm)
 H x W Image 14 3/16 x 9 3/8 in. (36 x 23.8 cm) 
 Collections This PrintCatalogue Raisonné: W-24 as listed in Shiro Kasamatsu - The Complete Woodblock Prints, Dr. Andreas Gund, self-published by the author, 2001; Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo P00211-013 (unknown edition); Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 50.2913 (Watanabe A-type 6mm round seal); Smithsonian Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery S2003.8.468 (with undecipherable Watanabe rectangular seal in right margin)
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