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Evening Shore


Japanese Color Woodblock Print 

Evening Shore

by Tadashige Ono, 1971

Island of Birds

IHL Cat. #1942

About This Print

An evocative night time scene of seaside village.  

Artist's information sheet containing title (right most characters); date (middle characters), and artist's name. Ono's woodblock prints were issued with the information
sheet tacked to the back.
Ono firsts treats his paper with sumi ink darkening the paper.
He then sizes it.  For more information on his printing process see "Technique" under the artist's biography. 

Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 Title or Description Evening Shore
 夕浜 Yūhama
 Artist Tadashige Ono (1909-90)
T. Ono (lower right corner within image area)
Tadashige Ono (verso on attached information sheet as shown above)
 Seal none
 Publication Date 1971
 Publisher self-published
 Edition 16 of 30
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition excellent 
 Genre sosaku hanga
 Miscellaneous attached to a sheet of handmade Japanese paper with artist's signature and written notation of title, date and edition. 
 H x W Paper 
 8 15/16 x 5 7/8 in. (22.7 x 14.9 cm) 
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