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Distant Memory A


Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Distant Memory A (遠い記憶 A)

by Tajima Hiroyuki, 1966

Fantasy 夢想 C

IHL Cat. #2396

About This Print

While the lines on the green tablet-like object might look inscribed they are flat with the 3-dimensional effect achieved through the use of various materials added to the carved woodblock, in this case possibly some type of string, and then printing using dense pigments. "Memory" and "recollection" figure prominently in Tajima's paintings from this period.


Print Details

 IHL Catalog #2396
 Title 遠い記憶 A (as written in bottom margin)
 Distant Memory A 
 Tajima Hiroyuki (1911-1984)
Hiroyuki Tajima in English in bottom margin
 Seal not sealed
 Publication Date 1966
 Edition 17 of 50
 Publisher self-published and printed
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - handling creases primarily visible in margins; toning which is most visible in margins (bottom margin is unevenly toned) and verso; as on many of Tajima's prints, the pigments may be degrading the paper over time.
 Genre sosaku hanga (creative prints)
 H x W Paper 25 1/16 x 19 3/4 in. (63.7 x 50.2 cm )
 H x W Image 21 1/2 x 17 3/4 in. (54.6 x 45.1 cm) 
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