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Flower, The Yumeji Collection of Work

Japanese Color Woodblock Print 

Flower, The Yumeji Collection of Work

(Cover and Poem)

by Takehisa Yumeji, 1910

Night Trip

IHL Cat. #1334

About This Print

The cover (perhaps an inside cover) to Flower (Hana no maki), one of Yumeji's six compilations of poetry and woodblock prints issued in 1909 and 1910.  I have not seen a complete issue of any of the six compilations, so I do not know how many prints and poems were typically included in an issue.  One poem, shown and transcribed below, was included when I purchased this cover page and Natsume-books.com displays, also see below, a more complete set of this compilation, including five full-sheet woodblock prints and, what appears to be, an outside cover.
The Poem
Note: Transcription of poem taken from http://www.j-texts.com/taisho/hananoah.html





夢二画集 花の巻  竹久夢二  明43年/洛陽社 夢二彩色木版口絵5図 4版

About "The Yumeji Collection of Work"
Source: Takehisa Yumeji, Nozomi Naoi, et. al., Brill, 2015, p. 22-23.
The year 1909 might have been a challenging time for Yumejipersonally, but it coincided with a turning point in his artistic career.  Concurrent with his production ofillustrations for socialist publications, Yumeji’s increasingly popular ‘Yumeji-stylebeauties’ resulted in the release of his first volume of illustrations and shortpoems, Spring (Haru no maki), in The Yumejicollection of work (Yumeji gashū).  Springwas a compilation of the artist’s magazines and newspaper illustrations, forwhich he collected the woodblocks of previously issued prints from publishersand reused them.  This approach wasunusual and particularly so since woodblocks for ‘fast-cycle’ publications wereoften discarded or reused after their initial carving.  Springwas an immediate hit and a year later, on 10 January 1910, Yumeji notes in hisdiary: ‘Yumeji gashū one thousandcopies sold out’.  It was so popular thatby the time it went through nine prints, it is estimated that 9,000 copies of Spring had been sold.  The success of this collection led to thepublication of further volumes in 1910: Summer(Natsu no maki), Flower (Hana no maki), Travel, (Tabi no maki), Autumn (Aki no maki) and Winter (Fuyu no maki).  The volumesof Yumeji gashū established Yumeji’sreputation as an artist; he even became something of a celebrity.  His ‘Yumeji-style beauties’ possessed anallure that extended beyond their existence as artworks, becoming in effect asocial phenomenon inspiring women to seek out a ‘Yumeji-style’ look, be it indemeanor, fashion or by consuming goods designed by the artist. 

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #1334
 Title Flower, The Yumeji Collection of Work
 夢二画集 花の巻 Yumeiji gashū hana no maki
 Series n/a
 Takehisa Yumeji (1884-1934)
 Publication Date 1910
 Edition original
 Publisher Rakuyōsha 洛陽社
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition fair - toned 
 H x W Paper 6 x 4 3/16 in. (15.2 x 10.6 cm)
 H x W Image  
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